How to recruit like a pro : 10 essential tips

Recruit as a pro! Read the following, this will help you

How to recruit as a recruitment professional? You need to recruit the best talent in your sector, you want to optimize your recruitment process without losing quality, you do not want to lose any candidate during your recruitment phase, etc.

Before you start recruiting, you want to take advantage of some additional tips so that the best talents do not escape you.

We have several tips to communicate to you. Read the following, as this will certainly help you to recruit the best talent!

1 The recruitment process

1.1 A process problem

The first cause that can penalize you is a failure in your recruitment process. Either your process is not optimized or it has it but your recruitment process is far too slow. Which brings us in both cases to a loss of some of your candidates. Just because they went elsewhere.

Be aware that candidates are waiting for a response within a maximum of 15 days after an interview. The ideal is to give an answer within 7 days. This goes through an optimized schedule of appointments with interviews close to each other.

1.2 The results

When the recruitment process is not optimal, candidates may consider withdrawing their application, writing a negative opinion about the company or simply not recommending it.

1.3 The solution

To remedy this problem, I invite you to resume the entire process by relying on the article I wrote: how to optimize the recruitment process. This article will give you a solid foundation for getting started.

2 Highlighting its assets

To get the best talent, you have to know how to seduce and attract them!

2.1 The employer brand

You must take into account that your company is a brand or a product whose qualities you must sell to the candidates. Just as a sales person would, highlight the values of the company. Work the brand of the company is done in the long term, by communicating on your website, on social networks, etc.

acttractivity of the company

2.2 Your assets

What makes you different from competing companies in the job market? Why would a candidate apply at home? What is the framework that you propose? What are the benefits you offer?

This step allows you to enhance your business and improve the attractiveness of the company.

3 A state of mind

3.1 New determinants factor

Candidates today are looking for an experience in the company. Salary is not the only determining factor. Candidates seek a cohesion, a team spirit between the employees of the company. They also need to feel useful about the mission they have in the business.

3.2 Values and vision

The candidate also wants to join a company with which he will be able to share values, but also a vision, a state of mind!

I propose you to highlight the interest of the vacant position and the vision of the company to help the candidate to project.

4 Candidates and the web

To learn more about the candidate, it may be interesting to see the information that the candidate has left open on the web. For this, I invite you to fill in the name and first name of the candidate in the Google search bar, but also in the Google image search bar. This will give you additional information about his profile.

5 The interview

During the interview, you must propose to the candidate to visit the company and meet the team. This visit will allow the candidate to check if he / she is working well on the premises with your other collaborators. This will also make it possible to verify that the position with power is always in adequacy with its aspirations.

6 Involve employees

6.1 Before recruitment

Involving employees who have a direct link to the position to be filled before recruitment will allow you to bring out ideas and suggestions. Maybe you will retain them to integrate them into the job description …

6.2 During recruitment

When sorting applications and during interviews, involve employees who are in direct contact with the vacancy. They will have a different look from yours and certainly relevant questions to ask the candidates.

7 An entrepreneurial spirit

It is important to identify if the candidate is able to create his own professional project by checking if he has an entrepreneurial spirit. Know that the candidates you have detected this entrepreneurial fiber will risk leaving a few months later to build their project.

I advise you to reject these applications (except in the case where it is a short contract). This will save you from incurring additional costs in a new recruitment process and unnecessary training costs.

8 Stay impartial

The sympathy of a candidate can skew your judgment, just like the emotional factor. Finding common factors with a candidate can influence your judgment. It is important in a recruitment process to maintain a form of neutrality.

9 Ask for references

You have a doubt and wish to check the veracity of the information described in the candidate's curriculum vitae. Do not hesitate to ask the candidate to provide the contact information of his former employers and the person to contact to verify the conformity of the information stipulated in the curriculum vitae.

10 Retain the new recruit

Make sure the new recruit is familiar with his new venture. It is important to integrate the new employee well, making sure that he or she has the right tools at his / her disposal and that he / she has the appropriate training to improve his / her integration.

A well-integrated employee will invest more easily and promote your business! A hired employee values the employer brand and recommends it to his network. If not, he may leave the company and write a negative opinion. The stakes remain important! Do not neglect them.

11 In summary

This article will allow you to obtain more qualified applications with candidates in line with a vision consistent with your company. Thus you will decrease the number of applications to improve the quality of applications.

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