How to optimize your recruitment process to achieve good results

Discover how to set up an effective recruitment process!

How to improve your recruitment process effectively? Your business has an increase in activity, you must replace an employee who must leave the company shortly or permanently. Whether due to breach of contract, transfer, retirement, maternity leave, etc., you must quickly find the ideal candidate for this job.

You are about to embark on recruitment, but at that moment, a doubt settles ... And many questions arise!

Is the method used the most efficient? Will the time spent and the financial cost for this recruitment be optimal? Will I easily find the right candidate? Where will I start?

Do not panic…
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Develop your step by step recruitment process

Many people make the mistake of not setting up a recruitment process and launching directly into the publication of a job offer without actually having all the information in their possession to publish this offer. Bet on luck and burn the stages will inevitably have a negative impact on the results of your recruitment.

However, it is essential to follow all these steps to find the candidate closest to the profile you have determined. So I will detail them. By respecting this process of recruitment, you will necessarily reduce the risks and thus achieve the objective that you have set.

Of course, there will always be a little bit of luck! It is necessary that the ideal candidate sought intends to change jobs or is currently available on the labor market.

1 What are others doing in the job market?

Know that when you post a job offer you will directly compete with other companies on the job market.

1.1 Competitive intelligence

When you have the project to achieve a recruitment, it is better to prepare the ground especially if you are on a sector in tension or very competitive. Start looking at what others are proposing to candidates for the same type of job. Salary, benefits, type of contract, text of the job offer, number of similar offers, etc.

1.2 Do you have the best assets?

Once the information is collected, I will ask you two questions to answer:

1.3 Job market summary

This step allows you to know the job market in your sector of activity in order to position yourself in relation to the competition.

Keep in mind that it is not because the best talent has applied to you that he will necessarily sign at home. Let's move on to the second step ...

collect the right information

2 Collect the right information in the company

The first step is to gather as much data as you can to feed the content of your job offer. Communicating as much information as possible reassures candidates, but also makes the company more credible. It also eliminates candidates who do not have all the skills and experience required for this job offer.

However, it is not necessary to fall into the excess! Many recruiters make the mistake of adding skills that they do not necessarily need, which spoils the content of the job offer. No need to look for the five-legged sheep. I reassure you right now, it does not exist! And you will waste time looking for it. Up to you…

2.1 Company information

It is interesting to present the company in your job offer. I advise you to write several sentences about the company by mentioning at least a few key elements: the year of creation, the field of activity, customers (professionals / individuals) and finally, the products or services offered.

In addition, you can enrich this content with additional information about the company. For example, you can mention ambitions, projects, goals. So you can customize the content of this text, but be careful, I advise you not to go into too much detail so as not to overload the presentation text.

Do not forget to highlight the framework, values and corporate culture to attract the best talent.

2.2 Reasons for the search

Everything starts with a need, there is always one or more reasons that justify the establishment of a recruitment. You must write a paragraph of a few lines to explain the reasons for your search to candidates who will see the ad.

Thus, this paragraph will allow candidates to project themselves in relation to the job offer. Is it a job creation as a result of increased activity? Is it for a replacement? For a short time? Definitely? ...

2.3 The job description

In this section, you must write a paragraph describing what the work, the actions, the objectives to be carried out, the specificities of the job. But also the responsibilities that the candidate will have within the company.

Thus the candidate will be able to check if his capacities are in adequacy with your request.

2.4 Skills, experiences and training sought

Here you are in the last paragraph to write! In this one, you must indicate the profile of the ideal candidate you are looking for.

If possible, order your criteria by priority. First, the essential elements, then the important elements and finally the complementary elements.

As I said before, do not add skills that are not needed for the position, as this could interfere with your job offer.

2.5 Additional information

The additional information will allow candidates to have more features on the job offer you offer. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

2.6 Summary of information to collect

This second step shows the importance of collecting as much information as possible about the company and the position to be filled. This way, the candidate can more easily project themselves in relation to his aspirations, but he can also check if he is really in line with your request.

You now have in your possession:

Let's move on to the next step, how to recruit ...

3 How to recruit - the different channels at your disposal

Now that you have gathered the elements that make up your job offer, you must define the recruitment method in this step. I will now help you determine the best delivery channel.

3.1 Internal or external recruitment?

The choice of internal or external recruitment is based on the human resources available, the budget allocated for this job offer and the need to control or not, the entire recruitment process.

There are two possible recruitments, internal recruitment or external recruitment.

Internal recruitment : External recruitment :

If you opt for the recruitment mode externally, I invite you to go directly to step four. If you chose the recruitment method internally, I invite you to read more.

3.2 Recruitment channels

There are many recruitment channels to find the right candidate (non-exhaustive list):

Of course, you have less relevant recruitment channels than others. For example, search in a resume database that often lacks reliability because of candidates who do not update their profile, their resume.

Here is another example, applications and recruitments in video format may be relevant in case you would like to recruit an actor, a Youtuber. Knowing that the exercise of putting oneself in front of the camera is not natural for the majority of people, I have a lot of trouble to see the report and to understand the interest of this recruitment channel for an accountant, a developer, a project manager, etc. if only to make people feel uncomfortable. If the candidate fails in relation to the effort required, he will have a very low regard for your company.

3.3 Job search websites

In the digital age, a channel stands out from the others for recruitment, it is specialized websites on employment. They are available 24 hours a day and attract many candidates. It is therefore essential to publish your job offers on this type of website.

However, I advise you to post your job offer on one, two or three sites maximum, but not more. Why ? Spreading your offer on many websites gives the impression that the company is struggling to find its candidate and you will also find applications with double, triple, from different websites. Moreover, this can be confusing for the candidate. On which site should he apply? Which website is best able to handle his application?

3.4 Choose the sites to publish the job offer

It is now time to select job search websites where you will post your ads. There are two types of websites, paid sites and free sites. It's good to know that free job search sites are now as good as paid sites with similar visibility. So, I want to ask you the question: why pay an equivalent benefit?

Some job search websites offer complementary free services in addition to the publication of your offer. For example: the creation of a questionnaire to select your candidates, tests of compatibility with the company, the selection of the best candidates by affinities according to the profile of the job offer, the automatic answers to unsuccessful candidates, etc.

3.5 Summary of broadcast channels

This step allowed us to determine whether to recruit internally or externally. In addition, we have identified the main distribution channels. You have now published your job offer, so I invite you to move on to the next step, sorting applications.

selection of candidates

4 Sort the applications

The selection of applications requires rigor and a good analysis for each application. This job quickly becomes tedious if you have a hundred applications to sort. As mentioned before, there are job search websites that make a free preselection.

4.1 The first sort

The first sort is to withdraw applications that are not in line with the application or that do not have the skills, experience, training sufficient to qualify for the position proposed by the company. This allows you to quickly isolate unsuccessful candidates.

4.2 The second sort

This second sort will require more attention because you have to look for the relevance of the information in relation to the job offer.

As a first step, I suggest you re-read your job offer in order to list in order of importance the recruitment criteria for the position.

In a second step, analyze each application to detect the selection criteria of your list. This should significantly reduce the pile of applications.

If you feel that you still have too many applications, repeat the second stage as many times as necessary.

4.3 The ranking of applications

You now have your short-list! I advise you to make a final sort to rank by preference to put the best candidates in priority.

4.4 Summary of the sorting of applications

Sorting applications is a very tedious job, especially if you have not opted for a site that makes you a first sort. So we saw the methodology to sort the applications. This step is not to neglect and requires a lot of attention, because the rare pearl can escape you!

In the next step we will see the interviews and tests.

5 Pass the interviews and tests

Generally, interviews are conducted by the human resources department and then by the operational staff and the manager. In smaller structures, there will only be one interview.

5.1 The first contact

Before contacting selected candidates, prepare your telephone interviews to begin asking a few questions. Check the motives of the candidate, if he has the right skills, if he is able to get to the workplace easily, etc. If you are satisfied with the answers, plan your physical appointment.

5.2 Interviews

Prepare your interviews before receiving the candidates with the questions you want to ask. When you receive the candidates, do not hesitate to ask for evidence of their experiences, to ask them to explain in detail the actions they have taken in the companies.

5.3 The tests

Also prepare a test for candidates. Candidates should be tested to ensure the candidate's abilities. I strongly advise you to pass the tests only in the company. Otherwise, there is no evidence that it was done by the candidate.

Before closing your interview with the candidate, you must inform him about the end of the recruitment process by communicating to him the date on which he can expect an answer from you.

5.4 Interview and test summary

This step is crucial in your recruitment process because it highlights the candidate's qualities and shortcomings. I advise you during the interview to analyze the attitude and personality of the candidate, which was not possible when sorting the curriculum vitae.

6 The selection phase

You have passed the interviews, but you can not separate the last two candidates, same skills, same type of profiles.

6.1 Take a decision

This is the time to make a decision in a rational way, check your list of criteria to study the elements one by one to make the best decision. Also, rely on the attitude and personality of the candidate to make the best choice.

6.2 Making contact

You have chosen a candidate. So you will be able to contact him by phone to tell him the good news ... It may be that the candidate you contacted refused your offer, for example, because he found a better proposal. In this case, you must orient yourself to your second choice.

6.3 Summary on making contact

This step requires a good analysis to select the best candidate for your interview. I advise you not to announce to the other candidates that they were not retained until the collaborator who wishes to integrate did not sign his contract of work. Let's move on to the last step, integrating the collaborator ...

7 Integrate the employee into the company

You have managed to recruit the most suitable candidate for the position, which is a good thing. But that does not stop there, because it remains a step which it is important not to neglect, the integration of the candidate.

7.1 Onboarding

I advise you to make a complete visit of the company with the collaborator so that he becomes familiar with his new environment. Show him his working relationship and his job and assignments.

7.2 Tools and training

You must ensure that the employee has the tools and training necessary to fully integrate into the company. A well-integrated employee will invest more quickly in the company.

7.3 Integration Summary

Neglecting this step can quickly lead to many problems. If the integration is successful, a recruitment process needs to be restarted, which generates financial costs and time to dedicate again for this recruitment.

In addition, it is also the reputation of the company that is at stake, because an employee can now share his experience in the company with other people on social networks.

8 Mistakes to avoid in the recruitment process

In this part, I will show you some mistakes to avoid in the recruitment process.

8.1 Copy and paste

Where you are recruiting on the same type of position, it is best to resume the recruitment process in its entirety. I advise you not to make a copy-paste of the old offer, because it is possible that the post to evolve meanwhile, that the tools and the necessary skills have changed.

8.2 The telephone impasse

Do not skip the telephone evaluation. By minimizing this step, you take the risk of selecting candidates who do not match the job offer. You may be disappointed and wasting your time.

8.3 The emotional factor

You must not let yourself be influenced by the candidate's emotional factor. Maybe he went to the same school as you. He practices the same sport as you. It's an acquaintance of your surroundings. Is this really enough reason not to check if he has the right skills?

8.4 Sympathy

Do not be blinded by the personality or sympathy of a candidate, it is very important to remain objective when recruiting.

8.5 To not answer

Candidates who have submitted their application are waiting for an answer. Even if the candidate is not selected, you must answer him or use a website that sends an automatic response, because it gives a better estimate of the company. Remember that candidates may also be potential customers for your business. Candidates may work for a company related to yours, etc.

9 My advice

Recruitment is a major issue for the company. Making the wrong choices can be detrimental to the business.

So I advise you to carry out the recruitment process with a lot of methodology and a lot of rigor. Never underestimate one step in this process.

I also advise you not to neglect the post-signature of the contract. Remember to integrate well and train your new recruit so that she can feel comfortable and thus give him the desire to invest.

I also suggest you consult a complementary article: How to recruit like a pro : 10 essential tips

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