How to recruit a freelancer - work with a freelancer

Your company wants to hire a freelancer to do one of these projects. Discover all the facets of this job as well as tips for recruiting freelance with confidence!

Your company wants to do a project quickly, but you simply do not have the necessary staff, or you do not have the skills to do the job. Then comes the idea of going through the services of a freelancer! ... After all, why not hire a freelancer for this mission?

Do you need someone to do this project? You do not have the skills to accomplish this mission yourself? You do not want to hire a new person or you do not have enough space to accommodate a new employee? Are you a Project Manager or Project Manager? Manager? RH? Leader?

Whatever the reasons for your needs, use a Freelancer to its advantages, but also its disadvantages. In this article, I will present the elements to be taken into account to call on a freelance qualified person, so I invite you to read the following to learn more about the freelance profession and how to collaborate with a freelancer …

Freelance definition

Before I start, I'm going to introduce you to the freelance function, it's very similar to teleworking (home office). A Freelancer is a self-employed self-employed worker. Freelance works in remote collaboration with one or more companies. However, it is possible that the company asks the latter to perform the work within its premises. He does not have the status of employee in the company, but the status of service provider as a self-employed person. Because of this, he is his own boss. He therefore has no constraints or obligations contrary to an employee of the company. This makes him totally autonomous in the management of his working time to perform the missions that his clients have entrusted to him.

The freelancers often work as a freelance computer freelance also known as freelance IT, but also as a freelance web, in the field of communication as a freelance marketing or freelance graphic designer. There is of course the field of distance selling or home sales. You also have the trades of trainer with freelance consultant, etc. Today, Freelancer's business is diversifying and gaining market share on the traditional work contracts found in companies.

Why go through an independent worker?

Going through a freelance offers advantages and disadvantages. To best answer this question I will present you the positive points and the negative points that you must find if you come to propose a mission to a freelance.

The advantages of freelance

Let's start with the first benefit, freelance will regulate your payroll periodically. Freelance also gives the company greater agility. This independent will have an outside look on the company which has not negligible. So he will certainly be able to bring you new ideas that you had not thought of. Finally, it will bring you additional skills to carry out a mission.

The disadvantages of a freelance

To work with a freelancer, you must first have confidence in him, so making the right choice of freelance from the start is essential!

By going through the services of a freelancer it will be much more difficult to modify a running project, as this generally entails a re-invoicing compared to the initial specifications and an extension of the project delivery times. . It is therefore essential to have a good project methodology. Finally, communication with a freelancer will be less important than you can have with an employee, because it remains a provider and it may not be that you as a customer.

Define the spécification

Define your project, the specifications

It is important to make the specifications well. The more clear and precise, the easier the collaboration between you and the freelancer! Do not neglect the following steps!

The presentation of the project

By describing the context and the presentation of the project with meticulousness, the freelance will be totally immersed in the mission entrusted to him and the results will be better! If there is already a history on this project, do not hesitate to share it with him. This will certainly save time in relation to the tasks to be performed or in relation to the errors to be no longer reproduced.

The needs and constraints of the project

This is the most important step in the specifications. It allows you to tell the freelancer what you want from what you do not want and what he has the right to do with what is not allowed.

Take the example of a freelance developer that you assign for your business. For example, you can tell him that you do not want him to use JavaScript in your web application. You can also forbid him to enter relative URLs in this application. If you forget to mention conditions for the realization of the project, you will inevitably end up with a delivery that will not suit you. This resulted in changes and additional cost. So, it is up to you to mention your needs and constraints before starting the work, because you are the only person who knows what you really want.

I advise you to list the elements of your project step by step. Even things that seem trivial or insignificant so you can lock the project to the maximum and avoid off-topic. Moreover, this trick will allow you to eliminate people who do not have the necessary skills to carry out your project.

The expected results

In this step, you will specify what you expect the day of delivery of the project. What do you expect as results to be able to validate the delivery of the project? Do you expect files? Texts ? How much do you expect? In which format? Are there tests to check the quality of the work done? If it's a consultant, what do you expect from him? For which results? Etc.

Define the cost of providing services

It is important to define a price range for the project that you will assign to a freelancer. This will give you an idea of the price you are willing to put for the accomplishment of this mission. However, be aware that it may be necessary to revise your price up or down depending on supply and demand in the self-employed market.


Find a freelance

Now that you have the project description and a price range, it's time to get started on finding your freelance. To recruit a freelancer, you have several ways at your disposal …

The first way is word-of-mouth. If someone recommends you a person it is that she has at least confidence in her. Because this person will not risk to present it to you! This method is restrictive since it often requires time to find freelance.

Then you have the job sites that can offer you to recruit a freelancer. Professional social networks can also serve as platforms for finding a self-employed worker.

You can also use a Freelancer site. These are specialized websites for freelancers and freelancers. Here are the two currently best known: Upwork, Freelancer. For smaller projects, you also have Fiverr. You are sure to find people on these websites. However, you can come across benevolent people as malicious people.

How to evaluate a freelance?

You have just published an ad on the medium of your choice to have your project realized and you have several freelance who offer their services to carry out your project. How to choose the right freelance?

His Freelancer profile

I advise you to look at the achievements he has already made, it will already give you an idea of his work. Maybe he has a Portfolio? You can also check if he has comments on his profile. If there are, linger over the negative comments. Of course, if you are looking for someone with a poor freelance background, you will not find much information about their profile.

You must then look at his skills on his Freelancer profile. The fewer skills there are, the freelance will be specialized in a particular field! Take the example of a text translator. The one who proposes to translate text only in Chinese will theoretically be much more efficient than the one that will offer you to translate the text into Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese. Be careful, a Freelancer that puts you out of sight with a list of endless skills must alert you.

The involvement of the Freelancer

You have already made a first selection by looking at the profile of the independents. Let's move on to the interest that freelance has for your project. To find the right person to work for you, you will need to identify those who are really interested in your mission. In general, it is the people who will invest themselves by asking many questions about the project even before starting the mission!

The salary of the self-employed

According to the freelancers the pricing can go from single to double, or even triple! So, why such a tariff gap? You have to take into account the demand in the self-employed market, but you also have to take into account the price difference between a person who has experience and a beginner. A starter will tend to break the prices to quickly gain experience and positive feedback on the freelance platform.

Communication with Freelance

Now, you have to control if people seem serious, organized and if you get to have a good feeling. I invite you to contact them several times by Skype or by e-mail to check if they answer you. If not, it's a bad sign! If they do not respond before the start of the project, it can be very complicated afterwards. It is also an opportunity to ask them their points of view on your project and the axes of improvement that they can bring in more!

A test project

Do you have a large project to do? Do you want to keep the Freelance you have selected for other missions? Prepare a small test to evaluate his skills. This test will assure you of its abilities to perform the missions.

The last steps before you commit

You have chosen the freelance that will realize your project. There are some things to do with him ... You have to set the dead line together. It is a compromise between your expectations and the time of realization estimated by the freelance.

It is also necessary to establish a service contract :

Finally, it must be verified that the freelance is well subscribed to professional insurance.

This article provides an overview of the freelance profession. The freelance will allow you to compensate for a lack of skills or a lack of the project. Recruiting your service provider is to ensure his skills, but it is also to have a good feeling with it. Finally, write a service contract between you and the provider by prevention.

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