Job Portal - towards a new recruitment mode

Who is Scarlus ? Why open an online recruitment website ?

Who is Scarlus?

Scarlus is a website focused on the professional environment, it is designed as an operating system with applications. This website is therefore scalable and will be enriched by new applications coming soon.

When will it be available?

The Scarlus website will be available in its entirety before the end of 2019. It will therefore be possible for visitors to create a Scarlus user account. Do not miss the opening! Register ...

Who is the website for?

The website is for anyone connected to the professional world, manager, recruiter, job seeker, etc. Scarlus is an international website, so it will be possible, for example, to post a job offer in the country of your choice. At first Scarlus will be translated into French, English and Spanish.

Why this type of website?

We found that recruiters could have hundreds of applications for one position. As a result, it becomes difficult to identify the best candidate in line with the job offer. It also becomes complicated for the recruiter to answer each candidate when you have more than fifty applications.

This also impacts the candidate because he often has no feedback on his candidacy. Is recruitment still ongoing? Is his application accepted?

How to solve these problems?

Scarlus wants to help recruiters and candidates.

For the candidate, there will be no sponsored or obsolete job offers on the site. He will be able to apply to job offers without resumes. In addition, he will be able to follow the status of his application and the status of the job offer.

For the recruiter, an artificial intelligence (AI) will identify candidates in line with the job offer. The unsuccessful candidate will be automatically informed in his personal space, thus avoiding the time spent responding to each candidate.

More information ?

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