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How can one regain self-confidence following a job loss or while looking for a job?

How can one regain self-confidence following a job loss or while looking for a job? You no longer trust yourself and doubt your professional abilities. You are in a period of unemployment or you devalue yourself and you think you do not find a solution. You hesitate to submit your application because you lack confidence in yourself. You lack motivation to go to a professional interview because you no longer trust yourself. The days go by, the years go by and you still can not find a job, which hurts your confidence, your morale and your life.

Moreover, the unemployed is often stigmatized by politicians with increasingly important restrictions and controls. Should not they rather spend their energy on encouraging business start-ups to generate new jobs in order to reduce unemployment?

Making decisions is restoring self-confidence. If you need to regain your confidence and if you need to have results, I invite you to read the article I wrote about self-confidence...

Respond to loss of confidence and self-esteem

Loss of trust has a significant negative impact on your job searches and appointments. Once you have the feeling of losing confidence in yourself, of devaluing yourself, it is important to react quickly, because confidence has no limit, it has no ceiling. If it is negative, it may be even more negative than before. If it is positive, it may be even more positive than before. So, the longer you wait for the problem, the more difficult it will be to correct and the longer your return to work.

The reason for the loss of confidence

There are many reasons that will make you lose that trust. It is therefore important to first determine why you need to regain your self-confidence in order to find a job quickly. Identifying and putting words on your problem will allow you to realize that there are things to evolve and already gives you the motivations to follow in order to regain that confidence. This will allow you to find the energy needed to achieve the results and return to employment. If for example, you hesitate to drop your candidate, is it because you think that your CV is not up to par? Is it because you evaluate your skills?

Perception of the difficulty

The perception of difficulty, of fear, about future actions naturally suggests you do not do it. This state gives you the illusion of not being able to do it, for example go to an interview while your confidence is at the lowest, with this little voice that whispers to you "There is little hope, why go, remains at your home !". It is therefore essential to erase this negative perception in order to overcome his ordeals. If you keep this negative perception in your mind, it is likely to happen!

Work your self-confidence

Everyone needs to work on their self-confidence, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, etc. So what makes other people more confident in themselves? It's learning, the more experience you have, the easier it will be. Take the example of a shy person who is anxious about having professional interviews. This person will have to face his anxieties so that the interviews become more and more natural. Thus she will increase her level of self-confidence, step by step. It may not be after 2 interviews that this person will get a job, but rather after 5, 10, see more. Time to learn to be confident.

Behavior impacts trust

Self-confidence is also related to your attitude, your posture. A renowned psychologist has shown that good posture with straight shoulders has an influence on the brain and promotes self-confidence. It's a simple exercise to do! Standing up straight, sends positive information to your brain. Imagine for a moment a recruiter standing with his shoulders totally down, what would you think of him?

Behavior impacts trust

The organization

Setting a pace with a daily schedule of actions you have to lead, looking for a job in good conditions by organizing a workspace will simply allow you to be in the best conditions to look for work and foster confidence in itself.

Get out of the search

Pausing to get out of the job search frame will allow you to clear your mind. Staying nonstop in a job search is not a good way to raise your level of self-esteem. Isolation is one of the factors of loss of confidence, so take advantage of social contacts and get out of your research environment. If you do not practice a sport activity, it may have been time for you to get started! Practicing a sport like jogging will allow you to find energy and a healthier lifestyle to go back to your job search.

a better lifestyle

My opinion

The loss of a job is always a test. You must therefore make this test positive, because it is an opportunity to bounce back and perhaps change your life, change direction ... Each positive progression is a step forward to improve self-confidence. To regain self-confidence after a job loss is to put the odds on one's side to find a new job.

In the context where the advice provided in this article is not enough to give you a boost, I advise you to quickly orient yourself to a professional coach who will be able to accompany you and coach you in relation to the actions you will lead.

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