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How to recruit a freelancer - work with a freelancer
Your company wants to hire a freelancer to do one of these projects. Discover all the facets of this job as well as tips for recruiting freelance with confidence!
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Question to ask in job interview
Asking candidates hard-hitting questions about the job offer you offer allows for a thorough analysis of the answers to better assess each individual.
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Create a logo - What does the Scarlus logo represent
You may have wondered about the choice of the logo of the brand representing the website? A square ? Not just that …

Job search loss of confidence
How can one regain self-confidence following a job loss or while looking for a job?
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How to recruit for teleworking (Home office)
Discover now all the facets of this contract of employment!
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How to recruit like a pro : 10 essential tips
Recruit as a pro! Read the following, this will help you
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How to optimize your recruitment process to achieve good results
Discover how to set up an effective recruitment process!
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Job Portal - towards a new recruitment mode
Who is Scarlus ? Why open an online recruitment website ?
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The HR blog
Follow the human resources news on the Scarlus blog
Guest blogging

How to write a good guest article on
Do you want to express yourself? Want to do it through a blog post? Let's share our ideas ...